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  • RFID Blocking

    All of our wallets provide full RFID blocking production for your credit cards, protecting your cards and your peace of mind.

  • Made in the USA

    Custom designed & precision machined by our OGineers in our facility in Tallahassee, FL - using only the highest quality materials from the USA!

  • Free Shipping & Returns

    Free Shipping on all U.S. orders over $40+ and a 45-day Money Back Guarantee (with free returns on U.S. orders), making it worry-free to make the switch to an OG!

  • 1000% OGuarantee

    Lifetime Guarantee on ALL of our products. Making sure your everyday carry is always ready for OG duty.

What is the #OGLife?

Our Belief...Being Original and Living Your Greatest Life

Separating Yourself from the HERD...now THAT is Living the Original GOAT Life!

If your going to carry something with you daily, shouldn't it be a reflection of YOU - the true OG!

100% USA, 100% OG and 1000% OGUARANTEED for Life! 

Be Part of The TRIBE and Join Us in Living that #OGLife Today! 

Hot Off the FARM

Our latest custom designs and exotic materials specifically chosen by our OGineers for your front pocket!

Demko AD20.5 - PHAT GOATs

Cover them holes...thicken that chassis!!

Introducing our new PHAT GOAT series that brings a little more knife to your hand, while concealing those pins to show off even more of that OG texture!

Currently available in both In the Buff and Coated for your pleasure!

Pick up a set of these "Thick bois" today!

PHAT GOATs for ME ->

Spyderco Expansion

We are bringing our OG style to the Spyderco community.

From In the Buff to a Custom Coated Option (shown in Crushed Orchid H-314), pick a choice for your Para 3 or PM2 (pre-order) to represent that OG in YOU!

Bring back that love for that spydie-hole carry, with a new set of OG scales!

Shop Spyderco

TAG-A-GOAT - Discreet Apple AirTag Upgrade for ANY OG Wallet

Tag, Your Wallet is IT!

Constantly looking for your wallet, or maybe even had it STOLEN...never again!

With our Tag-A-GOAT upgrade, you can add an Apple AirTag to ANY Original GOAT wallet...and the AirTag IS included!

Our design discreetly hides the device inside your wallet, making it hard to discard, but easy to access for battery replacement and NEVER distracts from the gorgeous OG options specifically chosen by YOU!

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Tag-A-GOAT Featured w/ Our Knite GOAT Wallet - Included FREE

AirTag / Knite GOAT Wallet - LIMITED EDITION Bundle
Sold out

Design Your Very Own Original GOAT

Nothing fitting your OG style??

Let our OGineers work with YOU, one-on-one, and build your very own custom-designed OG product!

We would love to make your everyday carry dream a reality!

(Accepting Reservations for the New Year)

Get Inspired & Start Your Custom OG Now

Our Story

Every artist has their canvas, and for Original GOAT it is Everyday Carry.

We started with the minimalist wallet - the most essential item in your pocket.

Using only the highest quality, USA made materials, we transformed the slim wallet into a Work of Art - Guaranteed to last a LIFETIME!

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