• RFID Blocking

    All of our wallets provide full RFID protection for your credit cards, protecting your cards and your peace of mind.

  • 100% USA Made

    Custom designed & precision machined by our OGineers in Tallahassee, FL - using only the highest quality USA Made materials.

  • Free Shipping & Returns

    Free Shipping on all U.S. orders, and a 45-day Money Back Guarantee (with free returns), making it worry-free to upgrade.

  • 100% OGuarantee

    Lifetime Guarantee on ALL of our products. Making sure your everyday carry is always ready for OG duty.

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What is the #OGLife?

Our Belief...Being Original and Living Your Greatest Life

Separating Yourself from the HERD...now THAT is Living the Original GOAT Life!

Every item has been custom designed and precision machined by our OGineers right here in our own facility in Tallahassee, FL USA.

100% USA, 100% OG and 100% OGUARANTEED for Life!

Come Be Part of The TRIBE and Join Us in Living that #OGLife Today!


Hot Off the FARM

Our latest custom designs and exotic materials specifically chosen by our OGineers for your front pocket!

Knite GOAT - Wallets

What better way to separate yourself from the herd than with our Knite GOATs. This extremely durable US-made material is produced in a single batch process, guaranteeing that every sheet is unique.

With 8 color options to choose from and either a satin or gloss finish, these wallets have an incredibly smooth surface, but yet are never slippery, even when wet!

Currently featured on our wallets, but soon to be offered on other everyday carry items coming soon to the OG!


Anatomy of a GOAT

Our products are all made out of the highest quality, USA made materials that provide the perfect balance between functionality and style.

Instead of using aluminum or carbon fiber for our internal plates (like those other wallet 🗻 guys), we use a space-age polymer. With full RFID blocking security and a frictionless surface, this material is the OG - providing easier card access and less damage than aluminum or, even worse, carbon fiber plates.

Stop damaging your credit cards, and start protecting them from both outside AND inside with an OG wallet today!

X-Caliber-Skeleton GOAT wallet - Aluminum & Blue Carbon Fiber

Our Story

Every artist has their canvas, and for Original GOAT it is Everyday Carry.

We started with the minimalist wallet - the most essential item in your pocket.

Using only the highest quality, USA made materials, we transformed the slim wallet into a Work of Art - Guaranteed to last a LIFETIME!

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