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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our most frequently asked questions here. If you still need help, please contact us and we will respond with 24 hours.

General Questions

At Original GOAT, we are always designing, so be sure to join our Newsletter below, and you will be the first to know what our OGineers are releasing specifically chosen for your front-pocket carry!  


Don't see your favorite carry, just send us a quick note, and let us know what you would like to see added to our drawing board!

Short answer, YES...we manufacture all of our GOATs, so if you see it on our site, we will make it again!  

It may be in a custom drop, depending on the material (fat carbon, linerless titanium, etc.), or another purchasing option (a custom order, etc.) if the item is currently "out-of-stock." However, many just need to make their way through production based on our current volume/capacity! 

Make sure to join our TRIBE newsletter to be notified when new products drop and when our current products come back into stock.


First off, thank you for your service, and yes we do offer Military and First Responder discounts! 

We have partenered with GovX to easily verify your miliary/first responder information and get you that OG discount you deserve.  Please be sure to check out our GovX Military Discount Page for further details.


Congratulations on the purchase of those beautiful linerless GOATs...but there is all this hardware that came along as well...so now what do you do? 

First off let's start with our options...our current version (2023) includes pins (and much more) from OG...if you have a set of retired 2022 linerless scales - see the end of this FAQ for further details on compatibility.

Wanna skip all reading and just see the installation in action...check out our new installation video for all the details!

Next let's talk about your model of knife...if you have a standard USA made AD20 (not an i) on factory bearings, then this is the easiest installation that we have found...usually you just need that AD20 pin set and your hardened washers between the scales and your bearings and once that knife comes back together it should be that OG you expect!

So order is scale -> hardened washer -> bearing -> blade -> bearing -> hardened washer -> scale.

Now if you have an AD20S, AD20i or have skiff bearings, it can get a little tricker, but usually if you have any blade play or rock lock after following the instructions above, the addition of those additional spacers should get that knife running like an OG, just remember that all spacers will go up against the scales as you always want to keep those hardened washers against your bearings!

Start with the .005" spacer, that usually takes up just that slight tolerance difference to get those GOATs running like you expect; however, if you are running skiffs you may need that .015" spacer to adjust for the difference in bearing spacing depending on model of skiffs used.

Still having issues...please feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to assist you further as sometimes those knives just need that OG touch!

***2022 versions - These should fit AD20 and AD20S released before summer of 2022 (if you have press fit pins, THIS MODEL WILL NOT FIT!)  Guidance and tips should be very similar, but you likley will not need that optional .005" spacer, but there is still always a chance, so if you have any blade play or rock lock, that would be our first suggestion as that should remove that gap and get everything to lock up as expected!

Watch this instructional video for 2022 version instructions.


First off, again a big thank you for your support of Knife Rights and Original GOAT with your purchase!!

Now on to the details...as shown in the photo below, we have provided you with 4 screws (2 for each side) that are shorter than your stock RSK screws.  These two screws need to be installed in the locations indicated, as your stock screws may be too long and cause interferance with your blade, and possibly even damage it, so please MAKE SURE TO USE THESE SHORTER SCREWS!


RSK Installation Instructions

Those new GOAT Shell designs are designed to take that lanyard bushing frustration away and make that swap to an OG as easy as possible!

Your set will have come with two sets of screws, both a black and silver set to match your existing hardware finish.  Each set includes two longer screws (and one short screw) that will be used to get thoes new GOATs installed.  You will use the pocket clip holes to complete the build.  

With the belly of your knife pointing toward you...the two longer screws should be installed in "top" screw hole and the screw hole.  If you desire, you can use a bit of locktite to keep those screws tight and secure!  However, you should NOT need to overtighten those screws to find a secure fit, and doing so can cause damage to the screws and the scales by stripping them!  The last short screw is for the "bottom" hole (closest to you), and is used only for securing the pocket clip and does not impact installation.

If you have a standard Cold Steel AD10, then these should be a quick swap, just make sure take those liners off and replace with your LINERLESS OG scales, and then the only addition is that tiny pocket clip spacer to make everything look OG! 

If you have blade lock up or blade play, then you may have accidentally swapped those pins, as they look very similar but are slightly different and will make a bit difference if installed in the wrong locations!

Now, if you have an AD10-Lite model, you will have to make a small modification to your backspacer to allow your model to accept those beautiful linerless GOATs...there are two small nubs on your backspacer (we believe them to be on both sides as we do not have a lite model currently in-house) that will need to be removed so that those new linerless scales fit flush against that backspacer!

If you are having further difficulties, please be sure to contact us, and we will be happy to assist!



If your order includes one of our options that have been converted from a bronzed washer configuration to now run on skiff bearings, you will have received a "Skiff Bearing Kit" included with your scales, that included two 6mm skiff bearings, and two hardened washers.  The Hardened washers are to be placed against your scales, and the bearings should be against that blade. All other washers should be removed from your build!

If you have any questions, or need additional installation assistance, please feel free to contact us for help!

Having trouble with your pivots?!?

On the MSI, one side of the pivot is not actually a screw...it is a collar even though it is stamped to appear as if it is a screw!  

With the blade facing down and away from you...the left side is the true pivot side, and once disassembed, you should be able to break the knife down with no need to "unscrew" that other pivot side! 

Also, please keep in mind that left side pivot is likely Loc-tited, so use proper force to break that free, and then it should be a fairly easy to break-down that knife and rebuild as an OG!


We are HERE for YOU!  


Please either reach out through our On-Site Chat Option (usually the quickest method), or send us an email using our Refund/Exchange Form and let us know your Order #, and what issues you are experiencing (The more detailed the better, and photos/videos are always helpful)!


Our TRIBE Satisfaction Team will reach out to you within 24 - 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) and to help address your issue. We will make it right with our 1000% OGuarantee ! You NEVER have to worry about being abandoned after purchasing here at the OG!  


Our exceptional service team is always a quick chat/email away! 


We have three types of products here at Original GOAT...ON HAND, IN PRODUCTION, & PRE-ORDER.

ON HAND items are a rare GOAT as most of our items are made to order due to the larger number of options that we provide, but if you were able to locate one of those GOATs that are available right now, then your order confirmation WILL NOT have estimated shipping information and those will be expected to be processed within 1-2 weeks once all final finishing (not including coating services) and checks have been completed!

IN PRODUCTION & PRE-ORDER items will have an associated estimated processing time either in estimated weeks or an estimated date, so please be sure to check your order confirmation email, as you will see those estimates provided as shown below!

Order Info

Each GOAT is finished to order, whether you chose your item to be Stoned, In the Buff or one of our other many finishing options, it will be hand-finished and given one last double-check in preparation for its journey to you as an OG!

If you have requested a "custom" GOAT, this includes but is not limited to: Left Handed, Both Handed, No Pocket Clip, Add/Removing Lanyard Hole, or any coating service, please allow 2 to 6 weeks additional time depending on custom options selected

***Please note that if your order includes a brand-new item there may be delays, we address any additional feedback that is recevied as those new GOATs begin to be released into the wild, as we are ALWAYS striving to improve those GOATs so that they are the most OG option available, so we appreciate your patience on those brand-new kids as we want to make sure that they are behaving out their in the wild!!

Please be sure to check out our OG Order Status Update page for any known delays or other concerns that may impact those estimated shipping times, if you are unable to find your product's update and your order has exceeded our estimates, please feel free to contact us directly, and we will be happy to assist! 

We know you are very eager to receive your order, and OG's do come to those who wait...we promise they will be worth the wait or your money back!

We always strive to get your order to you as quickly as possible while maintaining that OG level of expectation!

Once processed, your item(s) will be packaged and shipped!  You will receive a shipping confirmation notifing you that your item is awaing carrier pick up.  Please review our shipping policies to see the estimated shipping times based on your requested shipping service.


Unfortunately at this time our internation shipping options are offline as we search for another provider! 

We expect to have service to Canada, Western Europe, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and many more again soon, so please be sure to check back, or join our newletter to be notified when the OG is shipping to your country!   


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