Lifetime Guarantee

Original GOAT products are built to last you a LIFETIME...GUARANTEED!  

We use only the highest quality, USA made materials and our OGineers provide the craftmanship, so we stand behind our workmanship.  Our products are built for longevity and reliability!  We expect that you will be using these products every day, and for a lifetime!

If you ever feel like we are not living up to our promise, we will do everything possible to make right! 

When you purchase an Original GOAT product, you are not just another customer on another website, you are now a member of the #OGTRIBE, and we value our TRIBE and will do everything within in our power to make sure our community is always satisfied!

Terms: (sorry our legal team made us do it)

All OG Products are guaranteed to be free from manufacturing defects and will function as intended for the life of the product. 

Our Lifetime Guarantee includes full replacement in the event of a failure or loss of the following: 

Guarantee Policy Terms


Guarantee Terms

Wallet - Elastics (Small/Large)

Lifetime of Product

Wallet - Screws (Stainless/Black Alloy)

Lifetime of Product

Wallet - Cash Strap

Lifetime of Product


Our Lifetime Guarantee will not cover other loss, other than as described above, damages caused by accident, abuse, neglect, shock; improper use or storage of the product; unauthorized modifications and/or repairs. (...whew...glad that is over with...) 

How to Make a Claim:

To submit a request, please just fill out the form below and be sure to include your Order Number, the email used for purchasing, and the reason for your request and our TRIBE Satisfaction Team will reach out to you as soon as possible to work with you to try to get the issue resolved. 

We want you to be satisfied, so please make sure to reach out and we will work with you to make sure our products are living up to our promises. 

No TRIBE member goes unserved!