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Awesome piece, super tight!

This wallet is a great piece. The construction and tolerances are super tight the milling work is pleasing. I'm a big fan.

Colin G.

From the dirt track to the shop and work, best investment I’ve made for a wallet! Blue carbon and shiny aluminum makes it even better!


This GOAT wallet is essential. Great piece.

Perfect for my pocket!

I love my Skeleton! Fits perfect in the front pocket. Holds plenty of cards! You can’t beat it! I wish I would have had one years ago. I’m sure I will have this for many years to come as it has to be the most durable thing that I carry on a daily basis.

The last wallet I’ll ever buy

I used to have one of those big leather trifold wallet and it always felt like it was too big and bulky. I would find myself hoarding things that I would never use. So I decided to try something different, and that’s when I found the OG! First thing I noticed was it’s size, it was so much more Comfortable and lightweight. Most of the time I forget it’s even there and all my cards and cash are easy to access. I wouldn’t change a thing about it!

Perfect wallet!

I love my carbon fiber skeleton wallet. It provides just enough "flash", but still remains classy and refined. Love the machining details of the wallet and and the functionality is amazing!

Great craftsmanship

Precisely made design with fashion and minimalism in mind.

Awesome Wallet!

I can’t say enough good things about this wallet! My cards fit snug and the money strap holds onto cash securely. Love how compact the wallet is and fits nicely in my front or back pocket. Would definitely purchase again when I’m ready for a different color. Highly recommend as a present for others!

Excellent product

I received my new OG card holder a week ago It came nicely packaged it even came with an extra set of screws and tool to replace them.
While I have owned several other card holders they all experienced the same problem while they’re light and convenient they have a lot of friction on the cards their self and causes the magnetic strips and finish on the cards to wear off and making them useless.
What makes the OG credit card holder unique from the others is that the inside panels are manufactured with polymer which reduces the friction and wear on your cards.
It makes it easy access and removal when retrieving a card.
Its excellent product and very well machined
I will definitely be recommending this product to my friends.

Light, Compact, and Cool Design

I received my GOAT wallet 2 weeks ago and absolutely love it. I love the durability of it as well as the carbon fiber design. The cash strap is perfect for holding as little as a dollar and as much as 10 separate bills. You can tell this is very well built and designed to last!

Red carbon fiber wallet

Beautifully crafted, awesome wallet for the modern gentlemen! Highly recommend.