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Loved these products.


Easy installation looks and feels great

Exactly what I was hoping for... and INCREDIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!

The back spacer looks great and fits perfectly... As for the customer service, my order got lost in the mail, and within a day of my emailing the company a replacement order was placed... with the new spacer being mailed out a couple days later. A+!

AD20 scales and customer service.

Got a pair of ad20 aluminum scales. Make a huge difference in hand. They are excellent. Customer service (Cathy) is amazing. She helped me through a backspacer issue I was having and was extremely friendly, informative, and quick with responses. Can’t ask for much more as a customer.


Fit great and make the 20.5 feel much better.

Absolutely Beautiful Scales

I purchased the aluminum OG1 scales in NRA blue and they are absolutely spectacular. They give the 20.5 a much more premium feel and they even improve that already awesome sound of the Shark Lock engaging and disengaging. In all honesty I am considering purchasing the clip point (I have the shark foot already) just so I can get another design and another color of these scales.

Coated Shark Tooth Scales & Backspacer Bundle

Outstanding fit and finish!

Tired of waiting

I was waiting for another well-known company to release their titanium scales, but I found OG and decided to give them a try instead. I'm completely impressed with the quality of the scales and the fit was perfect. The shark pattern with the jimped backspacer is just like the FRN but obviously infinitely better. I plan on ordering a set of aluminum scales for one of my other 20.5s. TL;DR Don't wait for that other company to release theirs, but from OG today.

excellent set of scales to replace the g10 stock units

This is my second scale set purchase from OG and just like the ti 20.5 scales, the AD20 set fit perfectly. Tolerances are tight and can be a challenge however everything lines up perfectly. Patience and aligning everything horizontally works every time.

Absolute must as an interim set of scales until OG releases the titanium option - WHENNNN ??

Big upgrade

The shark tooth scales are perfect. They aren't sharp feeling, but give the knife grip. The design looks nice on top of that.

Killer Scales

Very well made! Went together easily, expertly machined! Great work!

Great product.

Very nicely made. It was the last piece I needed to complete my knife. I highly recommend it.

Customer service is out of this word

Best custom scale maker on the market, bought a set of scales for my ad20s and ad one of the first people to purchase the scales there where a few minor improvements that could be done, without me reaching out OG sent an email offering to send out version to scales free of charge!!!!!! I've also had questions and they are always quick to respond. The quality of the scales are outstanding.... I don't know what else to say other than they really are the greatest of all time!!!


I love the aluminum pineapple scales and backspacer. The cerakote is excellent and they are lightweight. My knife feels much more premium.

Perfect fit!

Turned an already amazing knife into a daily carry! Everything fit so snug and the details on the milling are perfect. You have turned an already repeat customer into a promoter!

Nice upgrade

Really improved the quality of the 20.5
The fit and finish are up with the best I’ve had experience with.

Fixing the Problem

The worst thing about the AD20.5 is the scales. They look, feel, and are cheap. Enter Original Goat. The knife in my hand now is night and day to the original product. It’s great to look at, good feel in the hand, and its not flimsy grivory. I ordered the Titanium Shark tooth and back spacer, and it looks phenomenal. One hint on the sharks took, it will go to war with your pocket. Not the worst I have by any means, but I felt it was worth mentioning. To. Me the grip and look is worth it, even if I don’t like it in my dress pants. Again, this is how this knife should have been from the beginning. My AD20.5 is no longer a expensive, cheaply made demo for the Shark Lock. Thank you especially to Cathy at customer service.These people care.

Awesome Upgrade

These scales are a fantastic way to dress up your Demko AD20/S! Feel great in the hand, spectacular fit and finish!

Great product

Great Fit n finish! Will definitely be purchasing more OG products.

Still lovin’ it…

My fourth set, ISO texture is great, grippy but won’t chew your pocket. Fit perfectly, go get one…

Good Looks Plus All The Feels

Perfect fit. Easy to install. Understated elegance in smooth texture. Night and day difference between the original grivory scales and these Ti replacements. It really does make the knife feel like a custom for a fraction of the price. 20.5 is my size and very happy that someone started producing high quality replacement scales and back spacers for this model.

Amazing and easy to customize

I bought these scales for the purpose of anodizing them and it was an incredibly easy think compared to other scales I've attempted. Shipped with very little oil on the scales and they were easy to clean and took the anodization well. The Shark Tooth pattern is incredibly grippy, but it won't rip up your hands or your pockets by being too grippy. Overall a great set of scales

OG Titanium shark tooth scales. OG Anodized.

Perfect fit and finish on these OG Titanium scales and backspacer. OG Also anodized the set blurple at my request. 100% OG !

AD20s scales are sweet

What a great upgrade to my AD20s! I wasn't sure how I'd like the expanded in my hand, I was worried about some hot spots. But they just feel great, I love the grip but still smooth pretty smooth sliding in and out of my pocket. well worth the money!


Added the brass backspacer to my Ad20.5 along with the aluminum scales an this knife is now a tank definitely gives it more heft than the factory FRN scales but in a good way knife feels more solid an sturdy, would highly recommend