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The only reason it is not at 5 stars is that I have not put them on as of yet. Every indication says it will be 5 star once I am able to install them!

Quality as always

These scales totally transform not only the look but also the feel of the knife. Action is smoother, snappier, and more solid. The knife feels much better in hand. It does weigh more now but I actually like the feel of the weight and the balance is improved in my opinion. I did encounter problemns removing one of the pivot screws and completely stripped it which was a bummer but was able to remove the opposing side and push the pivot out to make the switch.

I do wish I would have ordered In The Buff for the finish as the chrome look of Stoned does not mesh well with the apocolypse finish of my knife, but that's entirely my fault.

Looks great

Original Goat did a fantastic job on the scales I ordered. The only minor critique I have is I wish the blue used in the scale coloring was brighter

Fits better than the original scales

Fit better on the knife hardware than the original scales that came with the Hogue Deka magnacut . Installation was straightforward and feels great in the hand .

OG scales are totally worth it

Picked up a Ritter Hogue RSK Magnacut and wanted to jazz it up by replacing the G10 scales with something shinier. Boy did these scales do the job. The fit and finish are top notch and I'm extremely happy with the results. I find myself trying to buy all the knives that are compatible with OG scales now.

Converts a good knife to a true custom knife.

The replacement scales for my AD-10 are fantastic. I originally had concerns that the aluminum scales would not be sufficient to the task. I am delighted with the outcome.

New Demko

I didn’t like the g10 scales on my Demko, so I tried the phat goat hoping they would feel better. It’s beyond my expectation. You will not be disappointed.

A new Deka

My Deka was just ok, the weight was a little light for me, but worse was the palm bite. This solved both issues and looks way better. Awesome!

MSI has a whole new Look & Feel

As usual, the fit & finish of these OG MSI Gunstock scales is perfect. The pattern looks absolutely fantastic on the MSI, provides much needed "grip" over the original G10 scales, and the scales are slimmer than the OEM's - which makes the knife much easier to manipulate. OG's Customer Service was stellar (my knife was identified as one of the earlier "hybrid" versions). Ms. Cathy responded immediately & the issue was resolved within a week. Amazing turnaround. Note on installation: I found it best to first tighten the pivot, then (front to back) fully torque each body screw and check button operation with EACH screw. Go to the other side & do the same. No button or lock stick - the knife is operating slicker than before, is dead, rock solid, and looks gorgeous (never thought I'd say that about the MSI...). I highly recommend Original Goat products, and these MSI scales are another great addition to the OG line. They definitely exceeded my expectations.

Worth it!

These are a huge improvement to the original hardware! They convey just a small level of durability and sophistication to the original aesthetic and I can certainly appreciate that!


These are fantastic. I got a hogue deka as my first premium knife and only bought it because I heard about these scales. They were better than I even suspected them to be!

One of the scales had a tiny (and I mean TINY) dent at the top of the scale. I shot them an email just to ask if it was supposed to be there since it was so small, and they had a new scale sent out a few days later.

Fantastic quality and customer service. I recommend them to anyone looking for scales on a knife they support

Deka Magnacut V2 Expanded Skinny

Wild and wonderful upgrade for my Hogue folder. Just perfect casting and finish on these scales, and the backspacer jimping matches up seamlessly with the design. Customer service is awesome and fast.
If you are in a hurry, these are probably not for you. If you can wait a couple months for production, finishing and final Q.C, you won't find a better production replacement upgrade. I am very happy with my purchase!

Killer upgrade to my blade!

OG knocked it out of the park, as is their norm. Cerakote is perfect. Big upgrade over the polymer scales. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Amazing Scales

The pictures of the scales dont do it justice; thay are great, very contoured, much more comfortable than the factory g10 with liners. I highly recommend these scales. I like that it does away with the liners makes it 1 solid handles.

Total Transformation!

These scales are amazing and fit like a glove. Transformed the knife into one worth twice the cost IMO. Looks and feels amazing!

Fantastic, but flawed

While the Kirinite scales are aesthetically wonderful, I have to be completely honest here and mention that the durability is pretty questionable. I've had the scales installed on my Hogue Deka clip point for about a month now, and a couple small pieces of the jimping have already fallen off. However, I would be remiss if I didn't mention OG's customer service. Cathy was very transparent about the scales properties, and even went so far as to issue a refund without any requests for one. I actually purchased these scales to try and keep the one's that came on the DLT trading exclusive in good condition so this wasn't a huge concern for me, but for those looking for extreme durability may want to look into lexan or ultem. I'm also someone who uses their knives often so I expected some damage eventually, so it may not effect you if this is just going to be a display piece. Although this was my first purchase with OG, this incident has not deterred me at all from purchasing from them in the future. 99.9% of the time customers are extremely happy with their aluminum or titanium scales, I just happened to decide on a different material that OG was experimenting with. Anyhow, I hope this information helps someone with their purchase. They are quite beautiful, but be aware these scales just aren't equipped for hard use.

STOCKY GOAT - Gunstock - Aluminum Scales / Coated - Armor Black (Compatible with Microtech Standard Issue (MSI))
Tim C.
OG awesome

OG scales are awesome. The fit is flawless and they give your knife a stronger feel.

Fantastic addition, really takes the Deka from a good knife to an outstanding one after eliminating the POS standard scales. Thanks a bunch for making products for the knife community to expand their options on fit and finish of many products. A+

msi gunstock even better than expected

the small changes from the original shaped really improve the feel in hand the fit and finish are perfect and installation was quick and simple


I’ve purchased five sets of scales from OG, some coated, some raw. In fact one set I don’t even own a knife for yet. A+++

LIMITED RELEASE - STOCKY GOAT - OG1 - Titanium Scales (Compatible with Hogue Deka V2)
pnw_knifguy o.i.
OriginalGoat means Perfection that is perfected

Once again, the scales have been perfect. Not a single issue with them. I have several, and I cannot wait for my MSI scales to arrive!

Beautiful craftsmanship

These scales are awesome. Fit perfectly, went together easily and the cerakote coating is done nicely. All I can say is wow and I'm extremely impressed and satisfied. Highly recommend! I know I've ordered more. 😀

Great addition

It fits well, makes the knife feel more sturdy, and it still feels super-lightweight! The OG XL upgrade turned a disappointing knife into one I now enjoy carrying and using.

Absolutely Excellent

Everything OG has done in Titanium has been wonderful. So I tried the Aluminum, also wonderful. Machining, fit, finish. All great.

Spectacular Scales! MSI - Wings - Aluminum

These aluminum scales with the Wings pattern in the Stoned finish for the MSI are basically perfect. Not only do they eliminate the pseudo-sharp edges you get with the polymer scales, but the aluminum is thick enough you no longer have that little bit of flex that comes with the stock scales. The scales give the knife that more premium look. And the fit and finish is exactly what you would expect from OG. This is my third set of scales from OG (Demko AD20.5 and Hogue Deka II), and I will be coming back, multiple times, for my future knife upgrades. Thanks, OG!

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