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PHAT GOAT copper scales AD 20.5

These scales totally changed the feel and looks of the Demko 20.5 we’ll worth the $

Awesome quality

These scales are amazing! The machining and fitment is superb. I had some lock rock on my stock 20.5 and I lost the rock when I put these scales on. 100% recommended

In the buff backspacer

This piece looks great the lines are straight the finish is perfect and the fit was perfect easy to install

Ad20.5 thick scales

I love the size of the scales, but the finish isn’t quite what I thought it would be. I did order the raw aluminum but I thought it would have been a little more polished. I should have went with a color instead.

Next level

The fit and finish on these scales is flawless. Took my ad20s with g10 scales to the next level. Highly recommend

Demko AD20 & AD20S - Unlined Smooth Titanium Scales

Amazing Product

I got the scales in the OG2 texture and they are amazing. Fit and finish is fantastic. They really make the AD20.5 feel like a solid tank of a knife. I will be ordering more scales in the future.

Shark tooth Ti near perfection

The linerless shark tooth titanium scales are almost perfect. The fit and finish and even the ano are all top notch. For me there are two imperfections, but by no means deal breakers: 1)the shark tooth texture is a bit too sharp/abrasive for some pockets 2)the place for the pocket clip attachment is not smoothed out, so the pocket clip sits on top/peaks of the shark teeth pattern. I would give it a 4.5, but will round up because the customer service at OG is awesome!


It's a perfect fit and I can't wait to enhance it even more with the matching titanium scales!

Demko AD20.5 - PHAT GOAT - Thick Brass Scales

Incredible fit and finish the extra weight makes a difference from the stock scales. You've earned my business

Haven't put it down

The wafer grivory to titanium upgrade transformed it from meh to one of my favorites. OG2 texture is very very nice.

Amazing quality & fit & finish

I couldn’t be happier with these Ceramic coated Aluminum scales in the expanded variation!! Highly recommend and this won’t be my last set of OG Scales!

Very Awesome!

The scales that feel great, just like I wanted them to feel! Super impressed, I coming back for more! Thank You!

P.S. the longer screws that came with Phat Goats are the cherries on top!

Great Upgrade

These are a Great way to make your AD20.5 a nicer knife. They look great, and they feel awesome in hand.

Amazing product AND service!!

I purchased the sharks tooth Ti scales for an older AD-20. The finish and quality are amazing!! The raw finish does have a toothy finish to it (grippy) When I needed a little help; they went way beyond expectations on helping me!! I sent the knife off to them to get them to work on the fitment (to the older model) and they had it turned around the same day and sent it back to me “Gucci” level!! Thanks !!!


I ordered this with the intention of installing it on my stock textured AD20.5. I knew before hand I would have to source threaded barrel spacers to make it work. The only other worry I had was the fitment. If it wasn’t perfect it could throw the action and blade centering off. The titanium AD20.5 is the only knife I never had to adjust and mess with to get the blade perfectly centered. Take it apart then put it back together and tighten everything thing down then adjust the pivot. It’s been perfect every time and it was perfect this last time after I installed the backspacer. The OG titanium back spacer was a perfect fit and didn’t throw anything off kilter. I highly recommend them. Buy with confidence.

Much better!

The scales have excellent fit and finish. I couldn’t have asked for more. Transformed the whole look and feel of the knife!!!

Rugged and Sexy

The OG Para 3 pineapple aluminum scales (In the Buff) are rugged and sexy. They've replaced the smooth G10 on the Knife Center Cruwear and man they look great! The knife hasn't left my pocket for over a week. Bring on the Manix 2, Smock, and Shaman scales!

Ad20.5 pineapple in the buff

Fit and finish is awesome. Love the fill in the hand. Super light weight aluminum. Highly recommend. Shipping was fast and packaged nicely.

Nice..Very nice..

I’m glad I upgraded to these aluminum scales. The feel of these are much superior than the plastic light weight scales they came with. I love the look of my knife. This knife will be passed on to my son in the future.

Great scales, texture was perfect, fit was perfect with absolutely no issues.

OG doesn’t disappoint…

Fit and finish is on point, makes my AD20.5 feel awesome!

Titanium scales and backspacer

Nice product and would recommend.

Beautiful scales

Sharktooth ti scales in teal fits perfectly with my ad20s elmax sharkfoot blade. Build and finish is perfect and just love the teal ano. Love the scales so much that I might plan to pick up a set for my ad20.5.

Awesome scales!

My ad20.5 had some lock rock but when I put these goat scales on it fixed it so that says something to their quality. The machining fitment and everything else is amazing. Just buy them.