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Amazing and easy to customize

I bought these scales for the purpose of anodizing them and it was an incredibly easy think compared to other scales I've attempted. Shipped with very little oil on the scales and they were easy to clean and took the anodization well. The Shark Tooth pattern is incredibly grippy, but it won't rip up your hands or your pockets by being too grippy. Overall a great set of scales

OG Titanium shark tooth scales. OG Anodized.

Perfect fit and finish on these OG Titanium scales and backspacer. OG Also anodized the set blurple at my request. 100% OG !

AD20s scales are sweet

What a great upgrade to my AD20s! I wasn't sure how I'd like the expanded in my hand, I was worried about some hot spots. But they just feel great, I love the grip but still smooth pretty smooth sliding in and out of my pocket. well worth the money!


Added the brass backspacer to my Ad20.5 along with the aluminum scales an this knife is now a tank definitely gives it more heft than the factory FRN scales but in a good way knife feels more solid an sturdy, would highly recommend

OG1 Textured w/ Jimped Backspacer

If you haven’t ordered a set of these scales what are you waiting for, they’re AMAZING!!!! I liked my Demko AD 20.5 before but after putting a set of these titanium scales on none of my other EDC knives that are in my rotation have seen any pocket time!!!! I strongly recommend anyone who has a Demko AD 20.5 that doesn’t have these scales on their knife to purchase a set while you can!!! Trust me you won’t be disappointed!!!!

Pineapple pattern

Love these titanium scales from goat. Goat got the scales I ordered milled and shipped out within a week. Im impressed. Fit and finish is spot on. Perfect fit. Not a hot spot anywhere. All the edges are rounded. The different mill patterns give the scales some good grip without being to aggressive. Cant go wrong with the titanium goat scales. Plan to buy more.


Love the fact there is this option for these scales. I prefer not to have lanyard hole on my knives. Thanks OG!!

Great butt

Great fit, great quality, great product BUT the aluminum finish is much brighter then the sharklocks metal so the color doesn't match. Wish it was a shade darker to give it 5 stars.

So Nice!

I’m on a super Ti kick with my knives lately and this made me love my AD 20.5 instead of just kind of liking it. I’m just hoping they make Ti scales and back spacer for my AD20S!

Raw aluminum scales

Fit was good . Raw finish for the price not worth the money. they should come with a color finish or polished at least . I had to blacken the aluminum and clear coat it to keep these on the knife . Otherwise i would have never used these scales , the raw finish isn't a good look .

I purchased the AD20.5 expanded pattern scales and a smooth backspacer. They look amazing and went on with no issues at all! For the price, you are not going to find a better way to dress up your knife. Thanks OG!

Titanium scales and backspacer for the AD 20.5 was a game changer for the knife

Feels and sounds even better now this is one of my favorite knives and these scales fit PERFECTLY! THANK YOU

Mac Daddy of aftermarket scales!!

OG Goat scale brought my plastic piece octal looking knife with factory scales to another level! Amazing fit and finish, I couldn’t be happier! 10 Stars!

Great fit

These scales totally changed the 20.5, I now carry it almost every day. Gives the knife a premium feel!


These are very well made with a great fit. I may buy another set

Transforms the AD20.5 to another level

The titanium scale and backspacer totally transforms an acceptable form factor to a whole new level. With the OG ti scales and backspacer the knife finally offers the feeling of solidity and integrity to the frame and absolutely transforms the knife. The added rigidity to the frame offers what feels like even better action from the excellent shark lock.

I highly recommend getting these scales. In addition to the solid feeling offered by these scales when compared to the rather flimsy stock scales, the craftsmanship and the tight tolerances are also much much appreciated.

Get these scales - they are functional and gorgeous at the same time !!


Fit and finish are FANTASTIC. Transformed my 20.5s into great knives.

OEM Quality and Perfect Fit

Pleasantly surprised by the quality of these scales and backspacer. Bolted right up and fully functional. Brand new knife. Thanks OG.

Great Backspacer

Backspacer went great with the ISO aluminum scales I purchased. Great fit. Along with the scales it made the AD20.5 feel like a new improved knife.

Very nice

Great craftmanship as far as I can tell. I haven't had enough time but will probably buy more and would love the $20 off.

Game changer

These Ti scales make all the difference in the world. I can’t get this out of my pocket now. And can’t wait for them to come out for my AD20

color match Demko 20.5 scales

love them exactly what I asked for. HAZEL GREEN H-204


The Pineapple Titanium scales fit perfectly and certainly bring the AD 20.5 to a next level knife. The knife now feels solid and more Demko than not. I really like the darker tumbled finish as apposed to the usual bright tumble finish that so many Titanium scales look. Highly recommended!

Super Nice

I originally ordered the wrong color the customer support team was super polite and helpful....ended up keeping the color they sent and it was the best happy accident ever black on black AD20.5 for the win ... I think it should age well and it feels much better in hand acoustics and feedback and what not. Love it