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Don't hesitate!

I hesitated when I was looking to buy some scales. I wish I didn't because I absolutely love how it'll has transformed my knife! The quailty and fitment is awesome! Looking forward to purchasing some for my Ad-10,AD-15,and Engage.


Quality scales! Vastly improves the look and feel of originals. Jimping on the scales is well worth the extra few dollars

Ad 20.5 scales

Love these scales and backspacer from origional goat! Fit and finish is top notch! I ordered my scales anodized Grey with the plain metal backspace. Gives the 20.5 a premium feel for sure. Knife went togeather flawlessly, and works like new. Thanks for the great products!!!

Beautiful work

Just got my new scales and I love them they fit perfect and look amazing.


These coated Deka v2 skinny XL aluminum scales are amazing! Look great, still deep carry, and their rigidity perfected the action and centering on my polymer-scaled variant.

Great scales

I’ve written this review 3 times because it keeps getting deleted. They’re great. Look at the pics.

New material-Kirinite

I really wanted cf scales for my AD20 but could not find any. I did try this new material-Kirinite. Not only did it lighten my knife but the build looks great! Now I just need a matching backspacer from OG to finish the build. Something with a pop of color to match the clip.

Classy Upgrade

These scales elevated an already great knife. The fitment is perfect, centering is dead on, grip was improved with the drift pattern and extra jimping, and the overall feel is solid. I definitely recommend these to make the Magnacut Deka even better.

Machining excellence!!!

If you have been kicking around the knife community long enough you will remember washer knives were the cutting edge back in the days before bearing knives were a thing. In those days knives like the Chris Reeve made knives were the top of the line. The reason for this was that the titanium scales they machined were so flat that when the knives are assembled the smoothness of the action was second to none.
So long ramble over but the context was needed to elaborate on these GOAT scales, these scales are flat as can be and as such make the sub par action on the Cold Steel AD10 about 400% better. The machining quality is stellar and Fitment was perfect. Though the price of admission is a bit high I can honestly say the show is well worth it on these scales!! Great Job to the OG manufacturing team!!


I'm in Love

Beautiful Splatter Colors on Awesome Scales

These scales are amazing. The fit and size are just right. I went for the splatter option, and when it didn't come out just right, Customer Service was really awesome about it and re-coated them for me! The colors in the pic are NRA Blue (H-171) with Parakeet Green (H-331) splatter.

This is the one right here

For and finish are perfect. I don't know why but I prefer the phat goats on the small pivot. I think I like the way the large pivots are flush with the scales on the stocky goats. Anyhow, this is a sweet build. Kept the scales clean and anodized the clip, spacer and stud green so I can have a st Patty's day carry.

These are amazing and very nice 👌

My first set of Drift scales, had to try something new and I definitely like them. Fit and finish is excellent as always, completely changed the character of the knife. Finished the build with a black clip from pops to match the backspacer and I couldn't be happier. The original clip was kind of a drag.


These Aluminum AD-10 Scales are awesome and the install was crazy easy! These scales are more contoured than the original G-10 scales(which I like), fitment with hardware is perfect and the action on this thing is buttery smooth! Highly recommend these and The Original Goat knocked these things out!!! YouTube video placeholder
Definitely worth it!

Made a great knife even better! Smooth but very grippy.

Ad10 scales

Been waiting for these scales to be released for a long time and they are all i hoped for as always from original goat!

STOCKY GOAT - Wings - Lexan® Scales (Compatible with Demko AD20/AD20S)
Scott W.
Super dope!

Love the look of this with the lexan scale, it's lightweight, durable and I can't keep it out of my pocket. I'll admit I was a little skeptical when ordering them, but glad I did!

OG improved my Hogue Deka 100%

The order process was great, the scales fit perfectly and made my Deka usable. Also, I reached out to customer service about a shipping question, and the response was quick and helpful. Overall my experience was awesome.

These Scales Made Me Love the Deka!

These OG aluminum scales are outstanding! I honestly didn't like the Deka at all when I first got it. Great blade steel, but I hated the feel of it overall. So, I wouldn't carry it. These scales really make the knife excellent! I love the way they feel in hand, and they look awesome! Took a knife I didn't like at all, and made it one I love! Thanks OG!


Very happy, fit perfect. Somehow the action improved as my plastic handled model wasn’t dropping very freely and now is. Fit my hand well and I like the texture I chose.

Hogue Deka 2 Magnacut

The scales are amazing. Make the knife so much more premium. I highly recommend these.

Perfect fit

The scales went on without issue. Didn’t need the extra spacer washers even with skiffs.

PERFECT! - STOCKY GOAT - Wings - Aluminum Scales (Compatible with Hogue Deka v2)

Got the scales in a very timely manner and had them matte coated. Perfect finish on them and the fitting was super easy. Makes a great knife even better and the added weight makes the balance much better. Will definitely order again for my next project.

Excellent Upgrade

I hated the polymer scales that came on my magnacut deka. These aluminum scales are the perfect upgrade and make the knife feel great in my hand now. The little bit of extra length on the XL is nice too, glad I went with that over the standard. I also paired these up with a full backspacer which I also love. I like the little bit of extra weight added, and it doesn't feel like I can snap it in half. 100% recommended!

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