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OG Orders - Status Updates

As we continue to improve our communication efforts, we hope this is a great way to keep all of our customers informed on the CURRENT status of their pending order, as we are always working very hard to get you those GOATs as quickly as we can, but we are still a rather small operation with big dreams...so we greatly appreciate everyone's patience as we create that perfect OG designed exclusively for your pocket!!


Your order confirmation email (please check your spam folder if you don't have that email) should include either an estimated shipping date or an estimated processing time for a "standard" item. 

You will see this information listed under the label "Pre-order info:"  

This is the estimate at the time of your order (if you make changes or add custom options, it can extend this estimation).  Your item will either be on pre-order or is out of pre-order status and is being scheduled to be run in our production facility based on demand. 

Our "standard" option is usually going to be a right-handed, non-jimped,  Stoned or In the Buff finished GOAT (unless otherwise specified)...if you paid more then the base price, it is very likely you have a custom set on order!

If you have requested a custom GOAT, then please allow a minimum of 2-6 additional weeks to process that special GOAT designed just for your pocket! 

Below are some of our custom options/upgrades that will require that additional processing time:

  • Left, Both and No Pocket Clip Configurations / Alternative Clip Configurations (Wire clip upgraded to three hole pocket clip configuration)
  • Lanyard Hole Modifications (Adding or Removing)
  • Addition of Finger/Belly Jimping
  • ALL Coating Services - orders with full custom color codes, please add an additional 2-4 weeks (total 4-8 weeks) as those coatings have to be shipped in from supplier before coating services can begin and that can lead to additional time.

See Status Updates Below for ANY delays or known issues with your favorite OGs!!


May 21st, 2024

Delayed 2-4 weeks depending on model and option
If you have a custom item on order it could be up to an additional 4 to 8 weeks, but we are working hard to get every order processed as quickly as possible!


#1 Issue/Delay - Hardened Washers

This issue is continuing to impact ALL orders with any of the following GOATs

  • Cold Steel AD-15 - Aluminum & Titanium 
  • Cold Steel Engage 3.5" - Aluminum
  • Demko AD20/AD20S - Linerless Titanium Only

December 1st - Titanium - AD-15 orders have all been processed with the exception of 4 sets requiring additional finishing (stonewash/blasted) and we have reserved the correct size washers from that small interim batch that were received so they are no longer impacted by this issue and once that final finish is obtained that order confirmation will be in your inbox (look for those this week)!

ALL December - Aluminum AD-15 orders with the exception of one MM2 set from 12/31 have been processed.  

January orders and forward for the above listed items are still impacted, as we just received our first new batch of those long-awaited washers and they are oversized from the previous version, and as a result, they are not fitting in those precision-cut bearing pockets!  

As a result, we are working on new fixturing to be able to put these GOATs back in the machines to get that bearing pocket adjusted to fit these new washers!  We are so very sorry for this issue and delay, but we are working through this situation as quickly and efficiently as we are able and you know that those new GOATs will be worth it!  

April 17th and May 15th shipment dates are on the tail end of this issue, so we greatly appreciate your patience, as it will take us a few more weeks to get these hundreds of items adjusted to now fit this new size!


#2 Issue/Delay - MSI

Delayed 6-8 weeks from Estimated Shipment Date + Addons/Upgrades

*Gunstock queue is the longest delay*

February and March shipment dates have ALL been shipped...so if you have not received a shipping confirmation, please check your email as we are likely awaiting a RAM-LOK size confirmation for your order and if not, please contact us so that we can get that order taken care of for you!

We are currently processing orders with an April 3rd shipment date, as those should all be processed by 5/30 as many of those items have already been produced and are just getting their final finishes! 

Next will be our April 17th and May shipment dates.  Many of those remaining orders are for our new Gunstock texture, so we will be working through those orders as quickly as we can, but that queue is quite long, and that texture does take the longest time to be produced, so we appreciate your patience as we continue to work to get these brand-new GOATs in your hands!  

TITANIUM ORDERS - Our December "pre-reserve" orders continue to be our #1 prioirity...and then that first "official" batch with April 17th shipment dates. Once those items have been completed, we will then working on our May/July titanium shipments.  We are still working to gather proper run times for that new material option, so we will provide additional updates as we get closer to the completion of that initial batch as to the expected shipment dates of our April and May orders!

***V1 models are still on hold while we work through this initial delay***

NEW PRODUCT! UPDATE ALERT - Spyderco Lightweight Manix 2 Options


Those Spyderco Lightweight Manix2 options are back running at full speed after that minor adjustment to account for some variance that was found in a few customers' knives (thank you again for sending those in).  We are currently working through our remakes and those last remaining April shipment dates.  We should have those completed within the next week to two depending on finish, and then May 15 shipment dates will be in the machines! 



(We apologize, as this large volume of Titanium has taken longer to work through than we initially expected as each set is checked for fitment to make sure those new GOATs are going to be the OGs you expected and we have been fitting A LOT of Ti!)

RSK Titanium 

There is a reason we rarely produce RSK (or mini-RSK) titanium, as the fitment process for these can be a bit tricky!  These orders should finally begin to head out this week, as we have finally found the sweet spot (at least on our knives) for some of these sets, and so those sets will now begin to head home...we will continue to work to wrangle these GOATs in so that you don't have to and get those GOATs home as the OGs you expect!

Also, for those with anodized options, we do a full-fitment check prior to anodization and after, so those will still be just a little bit longer as they must pass that first QC check before heading to anodization!

AD-10 Titanium 

April 17th Shipments - We have shipped about half of these orders and the other half are still being fitted and checked on our knives.  As each of these GOATs are completed, they are heading out...we should have quite a few more of these heading out this week as we continue to work all these titanium items at once!

AD20.5 Titanium

These are the easy GOATs...lol...as we have 3 final sets to get fitted and finalized this week, and then ALL April 17th shipments will have been processed.   

Demko AD20/AD20S/AD20.5 Backspacer

These, unfortunately, got left behind as we focused on all those titanium scales that needed processing, but these items have moved into there appropriate finishing areas, and should finally be shipping (as long as you don't also have an AD20/AD20S titanium scale set on order as well) over the next week to two depending on that selected finish!


May 15th Shipments - will be running immediately following Brass/Copper runs and then will be continuing until all orders are processed.  If you are having your set anodized, please allow adequate time for that custom service to be completed, as some of those colors (Green especially) make require multiple attempts to get that perfect finish!

BRASS / COPPER - May 15th Shipment Date

These items are still processing, and may be impacted by the washer "fix" issue depending on how many, and which machines are needed to be used to make sure our January and February customers have been taken care of, and then these items will completed.  We will be reaching out to these customers with more information at the end of this week as we finalize the washer "fix."


So, please be on the lookout for that new GOAT to be headed your way as those continue to be completed, and we graciously thank you for your patience as we create that special OG for you!

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