OG Colors

Here at the OG, we have a hard time with "stock" if you haven't noticed, whether that be our scales or accessories, we like everything to have our own signature OG touch...so why shouldn't our cerakoting options be the same...

Our first creation was our OG Green, this is was a special request to match a popular shade of OD Green that the standard coatings just couldn't quite nail, so we made our own proprietary mixture, and our TRIBE went wild!!  Our OG green rivals our #1 coating selection, matte Armor Black (always hard to wrong with a little black knife), as a customer favorite!

OG Green - Demko AD20.5

And of course, when we looked for a purple that would be OG brand worthy, we came up short again...the Cerakote's Bright Purple was close, but just didn't have the right OG vibe...so we sought out to make our next OG color - OG Purple...which is a deeper more royal purple with just a hint of metallic pizazz!

And so our OG Color collection was born...and now includes...

OG Orange, a combination of bright orange coatings that gives great coverage but still a rich, bright orange color! 

OG Orange

OG Pink, more of a hot pink than bubble gum pink...and we recently realized it has a very strong similarity to that signature pink associated with a famous doll we have all heard about...we're not saying its Barbie® pink but it is pretty darn close! (the set shown DOES have Typhoon FX over OG Pink giving it that iridescent shine...contact the boss lady here to make that special FX request)

OG Blue, we felt the NRA blue was just a little too glossy for our liking, and wanted just a little deeper blue to use as our USA blue representation, and so this color mixture was born!

So what do we look for when creating an OG Color...

  1. Finish is the first factor...we're kind of like goldilocks here, we don't like it too glossy or too matte, we prefer something perfectly right in the middle!  So you will find that our OG colors have more an egg-shell type finish, providing just that right feel in a coated GOAT!
  2. Durability is next...we have found that some colors have a tendency to hold up to daily use a little better than others, usually it goes back to rule #1, as the matter the finish the quicker more wear will appear than in a glossy finish, so by keeping that finish right in the middle of those two options, it helps improve the overall durability of our OG colors.
  3. And then of course, that last factor is the actual color...when we seek out to create an OG color we are looking for an exact match to our OG Color Wheel in our head, that perfect shade of pink, that royal depth of the perfect purple or that bright orange that has the perfect amount of coverage and color...and last but definitely not least, what we feel is that perfect USA blue...and more OG than Cerakote's Patriotic Blue...at least in our opinion!!

Find your favorite OG color on any of our coatable products, and make your OG color creation today!


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