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Designed & Manufactured in Tallahassee, FL - 100% USA MADE

STOCKY GOAT - OG1 - Aluminum Scales (Compatible with Doug Ritter Mini-RSK Mk1-G2)

Original GOAT

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Processing Times: 4-6 weeks

The Doug Ritter mini-RSK Mk1-G2 joins its big brother as part of our family of OGs!  

Available in two options...our STOCKY GOAT Aluminum Scales - our most "stock" option - with that contoured feel you're accustomed to but with that OG style, or access our pineapple and expanded textures on our FLAT GOAT option that is a flat-styled scale!  Both models are the same thickness and use stock hardware.  

These items are part of our KnifeRights collection, and a portion of each sale is donated to KnifeRigthts to keep these OG options in your pocket!

With our support, Doug and his team can devote their time to fighting for YOUR RIGHTS as a knife owner...and we can't think of anything more OG than that!

Find out more about Knife Rights at:

Don't have a Mini RSK Mk1-G2 in your collection but want to add one...make sure to check out Knife Works, the exclusive source of these fantastic knives!

Stoned vs In The Buff

Stoned...a little shiner option, but still knocks down that super shiny aluminum.

In the Buff...a blasted and buff surface that takes that away that overall shiny finish but brings back just that hint of shine all along those edges.

Custom Ceramic Coat Options

From Splatters to Fades, learn more about our unique OG custom coating options to take your carry to the ultimate OG level!

Custom Color Coatings

Looking to match other everyday carry items, or maybe you just have a favorite OG color. Not a problem, choose from Cerakote's 100+ colors ceramic coating options and show off your personality with the carry in your pocket!

Go Find My Custom Color Code

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Love it

The scales fit absolutely perfect, the finish is mesmerizing, and the texture is soo much better in hand compared to the scratchy gmascus.

Awesome service!

The texture on the scales are great as usual, and it was my first time trying the spatter cerakote. Who would have thought blue + yellow turn out green. OG service team was very understanding and standing behind their products - thanks guys!

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