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Designed & Manufactured in Tallahassee, FL - 100% USA MADE

SKNY GOAT - Sharktooth - Aluminum Scales / In the Buff (Compatible with Hogue Deka V2)

Original GOAT

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Handed (Pocket Clip Location):
Processing Times: 4-6 weeks

***Compatible with the Hogue Deka v2 (see below for more info) 

...looking for our Hogue Deka v1 compatible OG scales?

Not just replacement scales, with a few subtle improvements over those stock scales, these are sure to take your carry to the next level.

From multiple pocket clip options (we shall never forget the LEFT-HANDED OGs) to added finger jimping on the top of the profile near the blade, these are sure to provide a better grip, whatever your everyday carry may entail! 

Are you a Lanyard Lover or prefer a little more handle in your hand?

Then be sure to check out our SKNY XL options, adding a 3/16" of additional length to the handle and having an OG-sized hole to allow you to add your favorite lanyard regardless of the cord thickness!  

See below for ALL the special features that make these aftermarket scales feel like an OG both in hand and in the pocket!

Looking to add a little color to your carry? Make sure to check out our ceramic-coated color options, by selecting your preferred color from that drop-down menu of color options, or choose your own custom color from Cerakote's 100+ colors from their H-Series product line.

Right & Left Handed Options

Options for both right and left handed OGs! Making sure that EVERYONE can take a GOAT home!

Extra Jimping - From Top to Bottom

Whether it be that extra finger (see below for more details) or our extra butt jimping, once you put these GOAT on, you will immediately feel the OG difference, and be careful handling a stock model as they can be kinda slippery! (Watch those toes)

Finger Jimping Option

Take that jimping all the way with our added finger jimping on the top of the profile. Continues the blade jimping right into those gorgeous GOATs for that extra OG touch!


Our XL Deka Scales are 3/16" longer than our standard models, and will eliminate those nasty palm bites forever and provides a useable lanyard option for those lanyard lovers!

Check Out Those XL Options


Can you spot the difference? We removed the finger notch allowing for full finger/hand placement. Otherwise, same look and feel as our STOCKY GOATs.


Stoned vs In the Buff

Stoned...a little shiner option, but still knocks down that super shiny aluminum.

In the Buff...a blasted and buff surface that takes that away that overall shiny finish but brings back just that hint of shine all along those edges.

Custom Ceramic Coating Options

From Splatters to Fades, learn more about our unique OG custom coating options to take your carry to the ultimate OG level!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
vast improvement over the originals...and even over other aftermarket scales

If you're reading this review, it's because you realize that the Deka is a great knife that deserves far better scales than the ones it came with.

You're in the right place.

I had initially replaced the stock originals with a micarta pair from another manufacturer, but I still wasn't happy with them. In part, the micarta was too light and made the knife feel unsubstantial. The micarta scales had the same shape as the originals, too, which I realized wasn't a good fit for my larger hands - between the finger notch and the slope of the butt, I just wasn't able to find a comfortable secure grip. Finally, from an aesthetic standpoint, the added material for that notch gave the knife an unpleasant visual bulk. A clean blade paired with a clunky handle.

The Skinny Goats are a night and day improvement.

I love the heft of the aluminum. It's got a presence, but not enough to seem heavy. The sharktooth texture provides exceptional grip. But the absolute best thing about the Skinny Goats is that they eliminate the finger notch. The knife feels better in the hand and just looks better without that ridge.

The Skinny Goats make the Deka what it was meant to be. They're more reliable to handle, more pleasant to use, and by far more attractive to look at. These are what the Deka should have come with in the first place.

Buy 'em.

Jesse C.

I purchased the SKNY GOAT - Sharktooth - Aluminum Scales - In The Buff/Ceramic Coated (Compatible with Hogue Deka V2). The quality and feel is outstanding.

Love the color on the V2 - Backspacer - Aluminum - In the Buff/Ceramic Coated (Compatible with Hogue Deka v2). See pics attached.

Jonathan H.
Hogue Deka Scales

I promise you this if you purchase a set of scales for your deka you wont be disappointed. Awesome quality and makes the knife feel amazing in hand. Turned my 140 dollar deka into a knife thats amazing. Only thing the Deka needs is some OG scales 👍

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