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V2 - MM1 - Aluminum Scales - In The Buff (Compatible with Hogue Deka v2)

Original GOAT

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Processing Times: 1-2 weeks

***Compatible with the Hogue Deka v2 (this model DOES NOT have the two screws in the middle of the grip BUT this version DOES include the MAGNACUT option)

...looking for our Hogue Deka v1 compatible OG scales?

The MM1 is our "plain" micro-milled texture, with just enough texture to give a little style and grip while still staying low-key for that subtle OG.  Not so low-key, then be sure to check out our Wings micro-milled texture, and lift those up to another level with our exclusive coated, double-cut version for a next-level OG!

Want to add some color to your scales, then make sure to check out our ceramic-coated options, and choose your favorite texture in your favorite color!  Choose from our standard colors or 100+ colors from Cerakote's color selection.

Not just replacement scales, with a few subtle improvements over those stock scales, these are sure to take your carry to the next level.

Including providing a LEFT-HANDED option, that's right if you are part of the population that seems to be the forgotten OGs, we ARE bringing options for YOU TOO!  


Extended - with 3/16" additional length, this option not only provides a great option for those lanyard lovers but also gives a better feel in the hand and no more knife bites in your palm! (Be sure to check out our Scale & Extended Backspacer Pre-Order Bundle for that exclusive extended backspacer option)

Finger Jimping - based on customer feedback, we have added some grooves to the top of the profile to give your carry a better forward grip when needed!

Finger Jimping - based on customer feedback, we have added some grooves to the top of the profile to give your carry a better forward grip when needed!

Add a little color to your pocket, with a set of ceramic-coated scales to take your carry up a level that matches your OG style!

See below for all the special features that will make these aftermarket scales feel like an OG both in the hand and in the pocket!



Right & Left Handed Options

Options for both right and left handed OGs! Making sure that EVERYONE can take a GOAT home!

Extra Jimping

When this became our daily carry, we realized that the bottom needed a little more grip. Once you put these OG scales on, be careful handling a stock model as they can be kinda slippery! (Watch those toes)

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Adam H.

I’ve been patiently waiting for some metal scales to replace those awful plastic ones. OG delivered with these. Excellent fitment, everything lines up perfectly. Blade is centered with no play in either direction. No interference with the axis lock. Finish is excellent as well. No sharp edges and very cleanly milled. The jimping in the rear is a nice touch. Very happy with these. Would definitely recommend!

Bryan H.
Exceptional upgrade

The scales are very well made and are a perfect fit for the Deka. The subtle milled texture is a massive improvement over the factory FRN scales while adding minimal weight. They elevate the knife to a higher end finished product and at a finished price under $200 make it an incredible value proposition. I would love to see a version two that incorporates contouring to make it less blocky and help with ergonomics.

Sam D.
MM1, "in the buff" scales for Deka G2

Great looking scales,
Solid construction,
Fit and finish are good,
Easy to install.
Definitely a recommendation to stock scales.

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