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Backspacer - Titanium (Compatible with Demko AD20.5)

Original GOAT

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***Compatible ONLY with Demko AD20.5 grivory models, or with the threaded barrels provided those grivory models.

What completes the OG transformation...a matching titanium backspacer to go with our OG Titanium Scales...of course!!

Available in our 3 popular styles Smooth, Ball-Groove, and Jimped and now in 2 different finishes:

PHRESH- Fresh from OG production, unfinished, and ready for your pocket or the perfect foundation for any DIY anodization project (don't forget we now offer custom anodizing).  This finish is similar to other titanium knife scales from Demko and other large makers (think Stallions) that have a very shiny metal finish...this is that finish! 

Stoned - Stonewashed for that "typical" titanium finish

If you are looking to add a little color to your titanium, check out our coated titanium backspacers for those additional colored options.  (Anodizing options will be coming soon)

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Aloha F.H.
Awesome Fit & Finish!!!

I ordered the ball grooved phresh finish and it complements the theme that I wanted to go with for my AD20.5. Zero alignment issues and blade is dead center. Thank OG.

Michael T.

I ordered this with the intention of installing it on my stock textured AD20.5. I knew before hand I would have to source threaded barrel spacers to make it work. The only other worry I had was the fitment. If it wasn’t perfect it could throw the action and blade centering off. The titanium AD20.5 is the only knife I never had to adjust and mess with to get the blade perfectly centered. Take it apart then put it back together and tighten everything thing down then adjust the pivot. It’s been perfect every time and it was perfect this last time after I installed the backspacer. The OG titanium back spacer was a perfect fit and didn’t throw anything off kilter. I highly recommend them. Buy with confidence.

Mitch G.
Top notch quality and fit!

I'm more than thrilled with how the Ti jimped backspacer matches the existing finish on the Ad20.5. Fit and finish are impeccable!

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