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STOCKY GOAT - MM2 - Unlined Titanium Scales (Compatible w/ Cold Steel AD-10 & AD-10 Lite)

Original GOAT

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Weight Options:

Processing Times: 4-6 weeks

These linerless titanium scales will take that AD-10 and elevate it to an OG without a doubt!

These scales have that OG feel you know and love, with a contour to fit your hand just right, and with those OG textures, you will surely find that perfect grip for your carry!

Offered in full weight, or our milled-out lightweight option, there is a weight option for you regardless of how you like your titanium.  

Two profile options for this model...standard - which includes the OEM style jimping, or smooth - which provides a smooth profile with no jimping.

Titanium Finish Options

Choose from the following options...

PHRESH, this is a shiny finish straight from production. We lightly buff these to remove any sharp edges left behind by manufacturing, but you may still see light tool marks on this option.

STONED, this is your "typical" stonewashed finish...but with all that OG quality! We use the highest grade media and compounds so that these still remain a touch of shine on those edges.

BLASTED, this a darker, matte finish, that will have a softer feel but can be more fingerprint UN-friendly depending on your carry environment. We do give these a final OG touch to try to keep those fingerprints to a minimum, but you will likely still leave your OG imprint!

Custom Color Coatings

Looking to match other everyday carry items, or maybe you just have a favorite OG color. Not a problem, choose from Cerakote's 100+ colors ceramic coating options and show off your personality with the carry in your pocket!

Go Find My Custom Color Code

Customer Reviews

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Joshua H.
Machining excellence!!!

If you have been kicking around the knife community long enough you will remember washer knives were the cutting edge back in the days before bearing knives were a thing. In those days knives like the Chris Reeve made knives were the top of the line. The reason for this was that the titanium scales they machined were so flat that when the knives are assembled the smoothness of the action was second to none.
So long ramble over but the context was needed to elaborate on these GOAT scales, these scales are flat as can be and as such make the sub par action on the Cold Steel AD10 about 400% better. The machining quality is stellar and Fitment was perfect. Though the price of admission is a bit high I can honestly say the show is well worth it on these scales!! Great Job to the OG manufacturing team!!


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