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Vengeance Stealth Wallets - Black Space-Age Polymer

We decided to take our most popular polymer wallet and turn it into its own product line....introducing the new Stealth GOAT - our space-age black polymer and featuring black oxide alloy screws for a true GOAT of the darkness!! 

And what better way to introduce this new product line, then with our brand new Vengeance custom design that just seems to appear from the darkness when showcased on the Vengeance Stealth GOAT wallet

The Vengeance Skeleton Stealth GOAT wallet, with that black skeleton against that red illuminated carbon fiber, you might not quite by a ninja with this one, but you will definitely be sporting some dark style like no other!!

We left the BEST for LAST....our brand new Vengeance Cyborg Stealth GOAT wallet, another brand new addition to our Original GOAT wallets.  When you see those glowing red illuminated carbon fiber eyes shining through the precision machined eyes, you will like they are looking through to your soul!! It is quite a site to witness!! 


Looking for a personalized wallet??  No problem!!

You can PERSONALIZE any of the wallets in our NEW Vengeance Collection!!

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