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Pineapple - Aluminum Scales - In the Buff / Ceramic Coated (Compatible with Honey Badger)

Original GOAT

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Processing Times: 4-6 weeks

What do you get when you cross a Honey Badger with a GOAT, an absolutely OG collab!! 

Take your Honey Badger to the next level with a set of our Original GOAT aluminum scales, available in multiple textures, including the signature Honey Badger honeycomb (HIVE) option!

With options for small, medium, and large configurations, you will surely find your favorite OG!  

Make that carry truly Original by adding some color to your carry with one of our custom cerakoting options, from our standard colors to our full custom splatter and fade options. These GOATs will be sure to separate your Honey Badger from the HERD!!

***Single Color - Standard - OG Green is shown in the coated photo

Stoned vs In The Buff

Stoned...a little shiner option, but still knocks down that super shiny aluminum.

In the Buff...a blasted and buff surface that takes that away that overall shiny finish but brings back just that hint of shine all along those edges.

Custom Ceramic Coat Options

From Splatters to Fades, learn more about our unique OG custom coating options to take your carry to the ultimate OG level!

Custom Color Coatings

Looking to match other everyday carry items, or maybe you just have a favorite OG color. Not a problem, choose from Cerakote's 100+ colors ceramic coating options and show off your personality with the carry in your pocket!

Go Find My Custom Color Code

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