Custom RFID Blocking Wallets for the OG

A Better Wallet to Protect Your Credit Cards

Wondering why there has been an explosion in men’s slim, minimalist front pocket wallets over the past few years…psst…it’s a real pain in your a$$!

Chiropractors, and back specialist alike, have been saying for years that those classic bi-fold/tri-fold wallets, that fit so perfectly in that back pocket, are causing you lower back pain!

...but what if it ISN'T a "Constanza" wallet…

Doesn’t matter, even sitting on the thinnest of wallets places your hips out of balance and can lead to years of lower back pain and even sciatic damage, leading to “sciatica”.

"The wallet creates an imbalance in your foundation (hips) whenever you sit on a hard and flat surface. There is a lack of symmetry or alignment to both your hips which causes added pressure on your piriformis muscle."


- Somerset Hills Chiropractic, NJ


….and if you DO have a “Constanza” wallet…


Then you are much more likely to stuff that thing into your back pocket AND keep it there for 9 hours or more…greatly increasing your chances of future back troubles!

So, do your future self a favor, and trade in that beloved, bulky bi-fold/tri-fold wallet and grab a stylish, slim, minimalist front pocket wallet today, your back and bank account will thank you, especially when you don’t have to pay those costly medical bills to try to reduce the pain and correct the years of “bulky wallet butt.”

Why Original GOAT wallets are different?

Not all slim, minimalist front pocket wallet are created equal, many others use internal plates made of aluminum to sandwich your credit cards in their wallets.  Aluminum does provide the RFID blocking security, that all credit card users seek, but also is abrasive and can cause damage to your cards when slid in/out with daily use.   

With the allure of Carbon Fiber, some companies are using natural carbon fiber as their internal panels for cards.  These panels will NOT provide RFID protection and will result in severe damage to your credit cards, even from just minimal use, as carbon fiber is extremely aggressive in is natural state.   Who wants to keep replacing their credit cards from "wallet abuse"...not this OG!!

So, here at Original GOAT we decided to take the minimalist wallet a step further and find a way to better protect our back AND our credit cards! 

We found the answer with a space-age polymer, that not only naturally blocks RFID signals, but also provides a frictionless surface, making it much easier to slide a credit card in and out of our wallets, and greatly reduces, if not eliminates, the damage to your cards from regular daily use.  Known for its durability, and ease of machining, we knew that this was the perfect option.

So, ditch the bulk, dump the junk, and join the revolution today with a slim, minimalist front pocket wallet from Original GOAT that will save your back and your cards from damage, and with our custom designs/materials, there will be no doubt that you are an OG when that gorgeous wallet emerges from your front pocket! 


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